Why Is Proper Posture Important To Health?

Have you heard or remember your parents scolding you on the way you’re sitting or standing? “Sit up straight! You don’t want to look like Quasimodo do you?” Standing and sitting straight may not be taught in schoolrooms these days, but learning and training your body to maintain proper posture is key to keeping a healthy body and life. Most people are unaware of how they sit and stand and how it may be affecting their overall health. Over time poor posture can weaken a person’s immune system and lead to chronic pain and tendon, muscle, and nerve damage. Spinal experts and chiropractors differ and argue as to what the precise and proper spinal alignment is and whether or not perfect posture exists, but facts remain, when your stance is standing tall and straight, you’re less likely to experience some of the pains and symptoms of poor posture, which are:

Bad Sleep



Foot Pain


Back & Neck Pain

High Blood Pressure

Young Spines At-Risk Of Permanent Damage

The #1 most dangerous habit in the 21st century is what chiropractors have deemed “text neck aka tech neck” which is wreaking havoc to the spine of children whose parents allow them to play with handheld devices like the smartphone. With hundreds of hours sitting improper, playing games on phones and using a cellphone to surf the Internet more and more children are being sent to a chiropractor to alleviate neck pain. X-rays have shown such damage in young children that the damage to the spine resembles that of a hardworking adult. No matter your age, it’s imperative to hold your cellphone and use your computer screens up higher so that you’re not looking down all day. Looking down all day is dangerous to those using phones and computers for work and entertainment. Knowing how to sit and stand properly is essential to avoiding injury and pain in the near distant future. 

Chiropractors Offer Individualized Guidance

If you’re concerned you or your family are at risk of injury or chronic discomfort due to bad posture, then it’s imperative to find a chiropractor that has the capacity to take an x-ray, examine the details, and perform mirror image traction therapy to slowly train and correct the spine back to a healthy neutral position. For an exceptional spine expert, the best type of spinal doctor is a certified Advanced Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) physician. The Complete Spine Solutions chiropractors in Tucker and Brookhaven, GA can help you!

What’s An Advanced CBP Chiropractor?

An Advanced CBP practitioner is a chiropractor who has gone the extra mile to continue their education and does not “pop” your joints like a general chiropractor. Instead, a CBP spine expert uses an x-ray to determine how to stretch your body back into a healthy and straighter form. Similar to yoga, you can expect 10 minutes of correct stretching postures that will, over time, bring your body back to a natural position.

How Often Do I Go To A Chiropractor?

How often you go to a chiropractor depends on what you are trying to alleviate or avoid. If you’ve had a sports injury, you may need only a few months of regular treatments, but for people suffering arthritis and other chronic pain, a chiropractor may be their only choice between pharmaceuticals or a medical procedure. Talk with your doctor about whether a spinal expert may help with your condition, but most of the time, even if you feel well, a chiropractor can make you feel even better. The secret is that you don’t realize you’re not sitting as straight or standing as tall as you should be, and a chiropractor can help you with individualized tips specific to your daily routine and postural habits. Find an Advanced CBP chiropractor near you and build a stronger healthy spine today.