Who should take DOT physical exams? What is tested?

There are a number of individuals that do not know about the Department of Transportation physical exams. It is required in a number of instances and you are not allowed to operate bigger or heavier vehicles without this certification. There are guidelines by FMCSA about safety of operation of commercial vehicles and the DOT physical exams Denver are there to test the overall health of a person. Don’t confuse it with any physical test because your mental endurance and emotional fitness will all come into question.

Who should take a DOT test?

The DOT physical is required for a number of individuals. You should take it if you fall in any of the following category:

  • A person who is operating a vehicle which is set to carry more than 15 individuals.
  • Someone who is paid to operate a motor vehicle which has the capacity to carry more than 8 people.
  • An individual that operate bigger and heavier vehicles and drive one which have a gross vehicle weight rating, gross combination weight rating, gross combination weight, or gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 lbs.

What is tested in these exams?

You are given a medical examination report form where you have to indicate the current condition of your health. There are numerous questions, including a few where you will be asked to mention if you have or had been suffering in the past from any of the following conditions i.e. brain injuries, heart problems, hearing issues, vision troubles, digestive problems, paralysis, stroke, and a few others.

The best piece of advice we can give you here is that one should never lie in the form because it will be uncovered in the tests and this may result in confiscation of your certificate or you will fail to obtain one.

The doctor will take a look at the form and will ask you are few more questions about your medical condition and some general queries. Then, you will have to go through numerous tests that include blood pressure measurement, vision test, hearing check, and some tests for urinalysis to consider blood sugar level and drug screening.

Final words

It generally takes from half hour to about an hour for the examination. At the end, if you qualify, you will be provided with a certificate that can be valid for a year or two. In case that you suffer from certain conditions that are treatable, the medical center may offer you a short term certificate, for about 3 months, before they test you again and declare you fit to give you a 2 years permit.