What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching focuses on creating positive results by building self-awareness, supporting positive action and facilitating a deepened understanding that opens the door to new possibilities and choices. In a coaching context, lifestyle addresses the whole person, including nutritional, physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing, depending on the client’s needs. Lifestyle coachings goal is to help individuals create healthy, productive, successful and purposeful lives.

Lifestyle coaching enables and educates clients to take responsibility for their actions within their personal life. One of the most profound benefits clients obtain is clarity about their ultimate goals and what they are willing to do to reach them. Many clients know where they are. (e.g., overweight, tired, frustrated, depressed, unfocused, stagnant) and can see where they want to be (e.g., slim, healthy, energetic, happy, moving forward with career, financially successful), but get distracted by obstacles and daily responsibilities. A major concern of coaches is that although clients don’t eat properly, are stressed out and have lives that don’t support their fitness, emotional and life goals they still expect results. Life style coaching also involves setting and meeting goals that will take you to all your life successes including, obtaining the momentum to achieve your financial, life, health, emotional and career goals.

How Does Coaching Work?
The first consultation is usually done in person or by phone. There is an initial assessment to asses the current quality of life or health. This is then analyzed and the results are discussed with the client preferably in person. During each coaching session, (30 min by phone or 60 min in person) the client chooses the focus of conversation while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action. Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.

The key word here is choice. When a client is stuck in a pattern of dieting, engaging in the same routine, accumulating and attracting negative energy. It is time to look at the excuses (lack of time, personal boundaries, overabundance of stress, emotional blocks) Simply starting the process again won’t work. Without creating a structure to support the client’s fitness, health, emotional and life goals, his or her efforts will lead right back to where he or she started. A lifestyle coach helps clients change the way they think about their goals, which allows them to realize they have more choices. From this point, clients choose the right path for them. Lifestyle coaching helps individuals create a life that will enable them to maintain a healthy, prosperous and abundant lifestyle on their own terms.