What Is Fitness Fusion?

Yes, I asked myself that same question, but I think the answer will be more exciting than you think!

How I see fitness fusion: Taking the time to try various fitness activities on a playground buffet. We all live on a playground! You can pick and choose whatever fitness activity you like. You can even try new activities and decide if you have acquired a new taste!

You can even mix and match new activities…the only rule is get off the couch and get moving!

If you like it, you will crave it again!

First: What’s the definition of fusion?

“It’s the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.”

Second: What does this have to do with fitness?

The goal is to integrate a fitness activity into your current lifestyle.

Third: How do you build fitness fusion into your current lifestyle?

This is where you take the time to explore new exercises and fitness activities that you enjoy doing. Based on your location and seasons you may have several different types of fitness activities that you have yet to try or have not tried consistently.

Building fitness fusion in your life will take consistent action on your part. Make it a fun and an enjoyable experience.

Also it’s a great time to attach goals to what you would like to achieve when you try out a new fitness activity.

For example, say you have never been in a race but would like to try a 5k race in the next 3-6 months. Obviously, you should not wait until race day to run the 5k. It takes time to prepare and to gain the knowledge and techniques to make the race safe and fun for you. You would take the time to educate, train, and prepare yourself for the race. Next thing you know when race day is here, you are ready to run.

This is fitness fusion, you have taken the time to join the activity of running and yourself as one entity on race day!

Below are 5 tips in helping you stay on the road to motivating your fitness fusion routine:

Tip #1
Define your WHY’s
Why are you working out?
Why do you want to be in shape?
Why is your motivation declining?

Note: When you define your WHYs be honest with yourself and answer based on what YOU are trying to achieve within your fitness goals. This is an important step because you should not answer any of the questions with someone else pushing you towards this.

Tip #2
Decide and Commit
Make a decision behind what you would like to achieve within your fitness goals and commit to them. This is for you!

Tip #3
Set Goals
Set short term and long term fitness goals. For example, you may want to train to run a 5K in the fall or fit into that swimsuit this summer.
What are your goals?
If you are not sure what goals to set, go back to your WHYs from Tip #1.

Tip #4
Watch short videos on YouTube that will motivate you in under 5 minutes and then hit the gym, trail, weights, etc. You can also motivate you workouts with a music list you put together for your iPod while you workout.

Tip #5
Yes, putting up a picture around your house or in your car to remind you of your fitness goals helps. This does not mean you will look exactly like the picture you put up, but it’s a visual motivation piece!

Do not feel like you have to start over from scratch if you lose a day or two in staying motivated. Just get back up, focus on your commitments, and move forward.

Embrace the Athlete Within You!

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Charlene Mallay has over 15 years of experience in Health and Fitness. Charlene has been recognized by athletes in the fitness industry for sustainable “time-tested” and proven techniques.