Walking Fitness

There is a buzz in America to get in shape, eat healthy and enjoy your life. The world is trying to turn back the clock when so many people were not overweight and out of shape. The buzz may be about looks and health, but the need is for quality of life. Yes you can get in shape and live a longer healthier life by working out at home. You can lose weight and reduce your risk of major diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other health challenges that many people face by simply walking every day. The basis of all fitness is physical activity. Walking is the basic form of physical activity. Therefore, we will start our Work Out at Home Series with Walking Fitness.

Walk For Health

No matter who you are; young or old, in shape or out of shape, healthy or not, walking can improve your health. Of course your fitness level will dictate your starting point, but it is universally know by health care professionals, fitness specialists and weight loss enthusiasts walking is one of the best ways to improve your health, get in shape and lose weight. It is also the least expensive fitness program available. To walk yourself to fitness, health and weight loss start where you are. That is, start at your fitness level. Start at the pace you can handle. Start at the distance and time commitment that fits your abilities and time constraints. The important thing is that you start. If you can only fit thirty minutes a day and your fitness level does not allow you to go beyond a slow pace then that is where you should start. But wherever you start, start! Then weekly increase the pace, increase the distance and increase your time commitment if at all possible.

The benefits include, more energy, increased metabolism, better sleep, more mental clarity as well reduced risk of disease, increased the ability of your body to heal, weight loss and longer life. Walk for your health.

Walk to Get in Shape

It is always easy for someone to tell you if you do something you will receive a great reward. Yet they rarely tell you exactly how to do it. Well first of all most people know how to walk. Hence, we do not need to tell you how to walk. But these few tips will help you get in shape when you walk.

  • Breathe: When you breathe measured, deep breathes as you walk it ensures your body gets the oxygen you need and that the oxygen flows throughout your body as it is carried in your blood stream. Oxygen heals. Exercise tears downs muscles and rebuilds stronger ones. Breathing is very important in getting most out of any exercise. Breathe.
  • Move you Arms: Full a full body workout include your arms in your workout. Consider carrying small weights as you progress. The weights can simply be a couple of can goods, if you do not want to buy weights to walk with. Not only does arm movement tone the arms and upper body, it helps the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the entire body. Move your arms.
  • Tighten your Stomach: The core of your body is key to strength. By contracting your core muscles you strengthen your stomach, strengthen your back, eliminate fat in the area and add to your overall fitness. An important part of getting in shape is looking good. By consciously attacking your gut, you begin to look and feel better while you are getting in shape. Tighten Your Stomach.
  • Mind Your Posture: Finally, as you walk, think about your posture and focus on keeping your back straight and your head up. As you keep your back straight you strengthen your back muscles. As you keep your head up you help your breathing and allow yourself to take in more oxygen. People with good posture look good. You can look, feel and be better if you Mind Your Posture as you walk.
  • Dress for Success: Yes, that is right. You need to dress right to get the most out of your walking fitness program. Start with layers of loose fitting clothes. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Loose fitting clothes are always important as you exercise. Just make sure the fit properly. Truly the most important fit is your shoes. The proper orthotics are necessary for posture and body alignment. Improper posture reduces blood flow, causes back pain and may even cause muscle and tissue damage as well as spinal problems. For this reason I recommend good fitting shoes and even orthotic inserts into your shoes. Orthotic inserts can ease the stress caused by improper posture and help align the posture properly as you walk. Your foot, legs, back, spine and entire body can be aligned properly to ease any pain from walking for fitness or just walking in general by orthodontic shoes or the much cheaper orthotic inserts.

Walking For Fitness

Walking can help you get fit, lose weight, improve your health as you get in shape and begin to feel better and feel better about yourself. Start your Work Out at Home Program by walking everyday.