The Biggest Secret to Cooking Delicious Food – Your Cooking Pot

We get it, cooking delicious food and keeping it healthy can be a real problem, because if you want tasty food many times you have to compromise on the health of the ingredients etc. But will you believe it if I say, food can be both extremely healthy and delicious by changing this one thing you may be overlooking all the time – the cooking pot!

How can this possibly be true? Can you make healthy food by just changing the pot and not having to add unhealthy ingredients (like heavy cream, canned tomatoes, etc.)? Yes. A pot made of the right material and of the right design, can take care of all these things and cook delicious food every time. And what is this right material? PURE CLAY – All-natural clay cookware, unglazed and made without any contaminants. How can it do this? Read on to find out:

Cooking Delicious Food, Reason #1: The Heat Cooking Your Food is very different!

The heat radiating from the walls of a pure-clay pot is very different: The gentle far infrared heat from pure clay pots penetrates deep into every grain and cooks food evenly and thoroughly. This preserves delicate nutrients that are destroyed with conventional cookware. Well-cooked food – not overly cooked or undercooked – is what one expects from a good cookware. On the other hand, metals and ceramics radiate harsh heat that cooks unevenly and food turns out mushy and even gets burnt at times. As most of the nutrients are destroyed, the result is nutrition-deficient food that tastes bland!

Cooking Delicious Food, Reason #2: Preserves Steam – Water Soluble Nutrients

Food cooked in pure clay is rich in water-soluble vitamins – all thanks to excellent steam management. The gentle heat causes steam to be delayed till the end of the cooking process and when it is released, it gets condensed on the inside of the lid, which stays cooler than rest of the pot and falls back into the food. This unique feature allows food to be moist and juicy! In contrast with conventional cookware, the steam is released right from the beginning of the cooking process and has to be let out through vents to prevent the pot from exploding and thus water-soluble nutrients are lost and food turns out dry and less tasty!

Cooking Delicious Food, Reason #3: Food Retains essential Phytonutrients – YUM!

In conventional cookware, the food generally loses its natural color, and thus its fresh taste. This is due to the loss of an important group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) called flavonoids. Up to 80 percent of flavonoids can be lost in the cooking process. This is exactly what happens while cooking in the conventional.