Noteworthy Skin Care Advice

Are you overwhelmed by health and beauty advice from just about every media outlet? Between portraying Hollywood actors as models of health are dire warnings about carcinogens from nearly every food source, it’s no wonder that we’ve become immune and tuned out so much of the media saturation on health and beauty. Follow these basic and sound skincare guide lines from the dermatology specials to ensure your skin care regime is sufficient to protect and nourish your skin for years to come.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is composed mostly of water. As such, it requires constant hydration. Plan to drink at least four to five glasses of water each day. Avoid alcohol and coffee as these actually dehydrate the skin.  Sugary flavor packets introduce a whole host of problems. Flavor your water with a slice of lemon or lime.

Apply generous amounts of lotion over your entire body each day after the shower. In-shower moisturizing products are now on the market and serve to fully moisturize the skin while pours are warm and open in the shower.  Select a specific moisturizer for the tender skin surrounding the eye area.

The skin must be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The first way to accomplish this is by applying generous amounts of sunscreen with a high SFP each day. Invest in a selection of hats with brims or visors and wear them when spending extended period in the sun. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of sunglasses from the terrific selection available at Sunglass Hut to protect the sensitive skin around the eye area.  Many lightweight garments on the market today deflect the sun’s damaging rays and are ideal for protecting the skin against the sun’s harmful rays.  On both cloudy and sunny days, in winter and in summer, the sun continues to emit the same rays that cause damage to the skin.

Finally, commit to seeing your dermatologist each year for a full body check-up. They can detect any emerging issues and arrest them before they become major issues.