How to Cook Healthy With Waterless Kitchen Cookware?

If you haven’t heard of waterless kitchen cookware, you’re among several others who don’t know how it has more advantages over conventional pot and pans. The main benefit is healthy cooking but you also have less cooking time, simplicity of cooking, easy cleaning, and the food tastes great. Waterless cooking is fast rising to be more popular than conventional cooking.

It’s the best way for fat-free cooking since it cooks with the juices from the food instead of adding water. With regular cooking water leaches out all the nutrients from food since most people normally throw the water away. Another benefit with waterless kitchen cookware is the ease of cooking. The heat is distributed evenly over the bottom of the pan. That means it takes less time to cook food as well as not burning or having the food stick to the bottom of the pan.

The best thing about waterless cookware is the type of material it’s made from high-grade stainless steel. It’s the same stainless steel used in medical equipment. Plus, it doesn’t require a non-stick coating like Teflon because it won’t stick to the bottom of the pot or pan, if you cook according to directions. Cooking with waterless cookware takes a little bit of practice because it’s not the same type of cooking you’re used to with your old pots and pans. The outside bottom of the pan is usually covered in copper or aluminum plating. They are both good for conducting heat evenly.

You cook it dry and let the juices from the food supply the moisture it needs to cook the food with all the flavor retained. Most brands of waterless cookware have 5 ply layers build into the pot or pan. It helps cook evenly, so the food is more healthy for you with all the nutrients still there. As vegetable already have water in them, you don’t need to add water to cook them. The lids fit tight to keep the heat and steam inside and that means the vitamins and minerals stay in the food.

After you add the food and put the lid on, the whistle on the top of the lid will let you know when it’s hot enough to continue cooking without the burner turned on. Some say this is a form of pressure cooker, but it’s not the same. The heat stays in the pot or pan and the food continues to cook after you turn off the heat. It makes for good healthy cooking as well as saving energy and your power bill will be lower.

Waterless kitchen cookware is some of the best cookware you can have for keeping your weight down and eating healthy. The food retains all the color and crispness as well as the nutrients you need to be healthy. Also, there is no fat content even if you want to cook vegetables and meat. The pans do it without you adding any extra fat to your food. The construction of the pot and pans save energy because you don’t have to use heat for the entire cooking time. What could be better for your health than to use waterless kitchen cookware?