Factors Determining Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are a popular treatment in facial rejuvenation and effective healing powers. It is a more natural alternative to dermal fillers, and its use is proved to be very successful. Stem cell therapies help to smoothen out wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone.

The benefits of stem cell therapy don’t come automatically. Some factors will affect its effectiveness in your body. Here are the factors to note to ensure your stem cell therapy work effectively.

Severity of Injury

Stem cells are widely used to treat various injuries in the body. However, the severity of the body’s injury will impact the effectiveness of stem cell treatment. For instance, if you suffer from a torn ACL, a partial tear is easier to repair with stem cells than when the tear is complete.

It is possible to treat severe injuries with stem cells, but it will take longer and more treatments to alleviate the problem finally. Sometimes, you may need surgical intervention to speed up the process and eventually get back to your activities in the shortest time possible. You can find the best results and alternatives by consulting your physician before you embark on the treatment journey.


Stem cells promote healing by dividing themselves and transform into other cells, to create brand new healthy cells. Also, they promote the healthy cells multiplication to develop additional ones. As people age, they will have fewer healthy cells in the body. The therapy is more effective when people are younger since they have more active healthy cells that can divide to form other cells faster.

Therefore, it would be best to sue the treatment as soon as possible. However, stem cells therapy is effective in old age when you use additional treatments.

Type of Stem Cells

Stem cells differ, and they provide differentadvantages in the body. Some can transform into cells while otherscannot. Also, stem cells are derived from severalbody areas, such as bone marrow, birth tissues, placenta, and fat cells.

Thecollection of stem cells is highly effective when itis used to correct a known injury. Sometimes, there is a need to make a combination for optimal results.


Your lifestyles habits have a significant impact on stem cells treatment. People who smoke or drink heavily will need more time to heal, and the process will be less effective than people who don’t smoke. Unhealthy habits also impact the quality of cells in the body, making it difficult for treatment.

Furthermore, drinking and smoking inhibit natural healing processes. To ensure the stem cells work perfectly, you can avoid such a lifestyle and improve the efficacy of your cells to perform their much-needed function in the body.

Final Word

Stem cells are very effective and offer unique regenerative abilities in the body. There are also various stem cell rejuvenation products you can get in the market to ensure you have the proper treatment to correct the issues. Ensure you consult your doctor on the available products. They will help you choose the most appropriate products in the market and alternatives to ensure you get optimal results.