Delhi Police May Have Fired at Jamia Protesters

The Delhi Police is currently reviewing videos to determine if the police claim that guns were not used during violence that broke out Sunday by Jamia Millia Islamia students, in violation of the citizenship legislation.

Police officers responded to the claims of bullet injuries by stating that it was possible for shards to strike individuals.

The viral photo was shared on social media. Delhi police also found the image set ablaze by Buses.

One of the movies is showing a policeman opening fire with a gun. After shooting in the air, gunshots are heard and he is seen running towards a bylane. The movie contains at least four gunshots.

This movie is correlated with another video taken at the exact same spot, which shows a protestor falling from what appears to be a gunshot wound.

Ajaz, a Jamia University student, was injured in a bullet accident and was taken to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. A bus stops him from falling, and a police officer who was shooting his weapons, is seen emerging behind him.

“This video is also a stunt and it would be difficult to express anything else,” a senior officer involved in the investigation said to NDTV. According to the officer, officers can take guns such as Glock pistols and handguns when asked.

“There are tons and tons of movies on social media. He said that we are also analyzing these movies to find miscreants.”

Sources close to the authorities claim that self-defense was ignited.

A senior official from the home ministry said that authorities were also monitoring several social networking accounts in the capital. This is to confirm the spread and propagation of false information that led to violence and protests.

On Monday, authorities denied possession of firearms. Devesh Srivastava, Joint Commissioner of Police, stated that “we haven’t taken anybody and we don’t possess rubber bullets.”

He stated that even though there was violence at the Seelampur in northeast Delhi yesterday, authorities obtained a lot of footage from celebrities which they are currently analysing. The officer said that a number of people involved in violence were already identified and have been dealt with.

Eight people were detained so far for their participation in violence in Jaffarabad, Seelampur, while protesting against Citizenship (Amendment Act) and three First Information Reports, authorities stated.

“We are monitoring some social networking accounts in order to confirm the spread information. A senior officer stated that appropriate actions would be taken if anyone is found violating the laws.

Although Section 144 was applied to certain areas of the district, the situation in Delhi remained peaceful.