Cooking With Versatility – Aroma ASP-238BC Grillet, A 3 in 1 Magical Wonder

Relaxation is the key to beat the monotony of life. Watching the sunset or waiting for the first star while sitting in the sit-out with your kids help you experience the magical power of relaxation. It not only enhances your mood with the euphoria it brings but also perks you up for the next day ahead.

Cooking is just another way of relaxing your senses. No matter, if you are cooking for yourself or for your family and friends, it brings a sort of self contentment which breaks the inertia of boredom and rejuvenates you in every possible way.

Cooking with versatility lets you experiment with all sorts of ingredients and various cooking techniques, thereby helping you conquer the boredom and gearing you up to take a plunge into the deep ocean of imagination and creativity.

For letting your creativity step in and do the magic with ingredients, you don’t need an expensive collection of high-end appliances; all you need is an economical and practical approach towards buying any product. With emergence of multifunctional kitchen devices, you can enjoy the versatility of cooking in an economical way.

Aroma ASP-238BC Grillet, a 3-in-1 magical wonder, is a revolutionary addition in the range of these multifunctional cooking appliances that boasts the functions of a grill, a slow cooker, and a steamer. The device is highly versatile in terms of cooking and offers a range of mouthwatering delights using 3 different cooking techniques.

Though, the main function of the device is producing fat-free delicious grilled food, it also helps you in exploring the slow cooking and steaming aspects of versatile cooking.

The multifunctional 3-in-1 Aroma electric Grillet brings the luxury of outdoor grilling onto your kitchen countertop. With ridged nonstick cooking surface, the fat drips away while cooking and offers healthy grilled treats, in a quick and convenient way, to relax your mind, body, and soul. A 12-square inch, 4-quart cooking pot sits inside an insulated cool-touch plastic encasing for safe operation. The pot is provided with a tempered glass lid with cool touch knob for easy gripping. The grill also gives you an option of cooking without the lid for crispier results.

Additionally, the device also serves as a slow cooker as well as a steamer. The pot is 3-inch deep for slow cooking stews, soups, chili, and simmering or steaming various sorts of fruits and vegetables with vented glass lid in position. The concave surface of the lid lets the steam and flavors trapped inside the pot while the lid is on. The device is compact yet sturdy. The cool-touch exteriors of the plastic encasing prevent any occurrence of accidental burns while handling.

With dimensions of 17.1 x 17.1 x 14.2 and weight of not more than 7 pounds, the grill brings the outdoor flavors in and can be easily placed on the countertop or on the buffet table for convenient usage and easy serving. Not only this, interestingly, the grill comes with a removable temperature control probe which can be set up to 450 degrees F. The cool-touch plastic housing, nonstick cast aluminum cooking pot, and tempered glass lid all are removable and dishwasher safe and make cleaning a cinch.

All in all, the grill is a 3-in-1 magical wonder pot for all your cooking needs, be it grilling, steaming, simmering, or slow cooking. Easy usage, convenient operation, hassle-free cleaning, and built-in functions for a grill, crockpot, and a steamer, the device earns the highest rating of 4.8 on a 5-point scale.


  1. Multipurpose and multifunctional kitchen appliance that offers versatile cooking in an economical way.
  2. Easy operation with just a turn of a knob.
  3. Easily detachable dishwasher safe nonelectric cooking parts for easy-breezy cleaning.


The grill is ideal for 4 regular sized hamburgers or 4 small pork chops, overstuffing the grill surface with too much food can alter the results in the form of undercooked or burnt food.