Bashar Assad explains 

How the US Forces can be Driven from Syria’s Oil Fields

The US President Donald Trump declared the withdrawal of American troops from the Arab Republic, for the second time in two decades. However, it was decided that a small contingent of US soldiers would be left behind to “maintain [Syrian] oil”. Damascus condemned the decision and referred to American setup as “prohibited”.

In a meeting with Chinese broadcaster Phoenix Television, Bashar al-Assad clarified two goals. They are to ensure that the United States military forces eventually leave Syria. The troops have been there without authorization from any government and no UN mandate.

Primarily, all land-based groups must be eliminated, as the US authorities use the struggle against them to keep its forces in the Arab Republic. According to the Syrian president, the next step would be to get Washington’s local allies, possibly referring to Kurds to join forces with the Syrian authorities.

“These classes must be persuaded. One way or another and especially during the discussion, it is in our best interests in Syria that they adopt the homeland, and combine the Syrian nation’s attempts to purge every lands” said Assad.

According to the Syrian president, the US will no longer be able to remain at the Arab Republic after both these goals are achieved. They will face “popular resistance” in the same way as Washington faces in Iraq.

Assad thought, “Finally the Americans will leave”. “Maintain the Oil” in Syria.

The second time that Donald Trump made this declaration during his sentence was to say that the soldiers would soon be leaving the country. Trump changed his mind days later and stated that only a small number of US troops could be left behind today in order to “maintain petroleum”. This was after American troops were seen purchasing oil fields in Syria’s eastern region.

Damascus, along with its ally Moscow, condemned Washington’s conclusion as having a foundation. Both countries accuse Washington of “stealing” Allied petroleum resources, with Assad claiming that the oil is being marketed from the United States to Turkey. Washington claims that oil sales profits go to former allies.