Amanda’s Former Auto Factory Home

Location:Atlanta, GA
Square Feet:750
What I Love About My Small Home:
Our building is a former Ford factory, built in 1926, that was renovated into loft apartments in the 1980s. The large factory windows sold us immediately. It’s such a beautiful space and so versatile!

My husband and I are both artists, so we decided to use the designated dining space for an art studio and office. When we moved here two months ago, we brought all of our artwork and decorations from our former 1200 sqft apartment in the suburbs and decided to fill our walls to the brim, taking advantage of their bright, white, gallery quality. The result is an eccentric, bright, colorful space that we are totally in love with.

Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1. Use those walls. I wanted to make sure that I utilized all of the wonderful vertical space we had in this apartment. There are a grand total of eleven DIY wall shelves in this apartment and they make up a great deal of our storage and decoration.

2. Natural light. If you’ve got windows, open ’em! Part of what makes our small space feel so huge is having these beautiful factory windows. Even if you have more modest windows, let all the light in you can, it instantly refreshes a space and makes it feel that much bigger.

3. Get cozy with your stuff. Because I knew it would be harder to store things out of sight in a space this small, I made sure I kept only the things I loved looking at (or could live with looking at). We try not to have too much junk hanging around, but when we do, it’s fun, beautiful junk that makes us happy.