3 P’s To Better Hookah Smoking     

Here are 3 Purge To Better Hookah Smoking to keep in mind for the best hookah smoking experience!

  1. If you are getting harsh smoke it is important to purge your hookah. This will remove the stale smoke, and eliminate any potential bad taste from the gas. Mya Hookah now sells a revolutionary internal purge system – MYA® Function – which will entirely clear the hookah base of all smoke and gas while preventing overheating via their 2-chamber downtube system.
  2. Pace yourself. If you are just starting, don’t take long draws off the hookah. Pace yourself, especially if you are not used to smoking cigarettes, cigars or tobacco pipes.
  3. Pack it right. Pack your bowl at just the right level. Over packing your bowl with tobacco has a tendency to produce harsher smoke because the charcoal can scorch the tobacco. Under packing can be problematic too. The trick is to pack it loose enough that the tobacco at the bottom of the bowl allows for free airflow, and the tobacco at the top of the bowl is packed firmly enough to stay lit.

Also remember, if at any point you feel dizzy, get a headache, feel nauseous or like you are going to faint stop your hookah session immediately.